There is plenty to do at the Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Activities for all ages


Spend a few hours with us, or spend the whole day. The fresh air, open skies and country fun will be worth the visit. We're a place where a kid can be a kid and adults can relax and enjoy the day.

9 acre corn maze: 2019 theme: #NEBRASKASTRONG


This year's corn maze theme comes from the quick response and long term action when floods ravaged those in Nebraska, Iowa and surrounding states. While Camp Fontanelle received little damage, access to the camp from the west was restricted with both Highways 30 & 91 closed three months.



Go out in the pumpkin patch and find that perfect pumpkin or choose one that has been picked for you! Pumpkins and gourds in all sizes and shapes. We don't tell you how much to pay for your pumpkins. We do offer guidelines but we want you to give how you feel led. Please remember, all of your financial support goes back into our programming and improvements.

Take a trip on our zip line


Our zip line has tower take-offs and a ground landings. You zip across a ravine and then zip back to your original location equaling 2-350' rides. 

Zipline is open 11:00-12:00 and 2:00-6:00 on Saturdays and 2:00-6:00 on Sundays.

Petting Barn


Located in a barn built in 1905, the Petting Barn area offers guests the opportunity to get up close to exotic and domestic animals. There are also yard games like Ladder Ball, Giant Chess, and a Bounce House. Take a short walk to the barn area or get a ride on the hay rack.

Fort Jones


Fort Jones, a 44'X52' two story fort, was an Eagle Scout project that was constructed to honor Simon Jones, a Boy Scout who was in remission from an aggressive cancer. He was there for the dedication in 2015, but sadly his life was cut too short as the cancer came back. This fort offers a chance for guests to use their imagination and little ones to climb a wall, or maybe target shoot at hanging pans. The skies, the limit!

And there is so much more!

Tree Climbing


Have you ever thought that you could climb a tree without needing to touch the tree?! Try rope and harness tree climbing! For a 40 minute time period, learn how to work your way up a rope to reach the top of our trees. Using certified tree climbing trees, it is a fun experience and one that you can only find at Camp Fontanelle.***

 Tree Climbing is open 11:00-12:00 and 2:00-6:00 on Saturdays and 2:00-6:00 on Sundays. 

Pedal Cars


Have a race around the track as you manage the twists and turns of the pedal cart track. A new activity at camp, this is a fun, new activity for "kids" of all ages.

** Roller Racer (See how much does it cost page for more information.)


Scheduled to appear during this corn maze season, the roller racers are a fun activity. It is like being in a hampster ball on a straight track. Race with your friends and see who can get to the end of the track first.***

Roller Slide


Located outside of Fort Jones, this fun slide will have you wanting to go again and again. But be careful, it might be a little rough on your backside!

Human Foosball


Get your friends and family together and get in a game of Human Foosball. This is a Girl Scout Gold Award Project that has given hours of fun to guests out at Camp Fontanelle.

Private Camp Pit areas


While there are six public fire pits at the Petting Barn area, maybe you want an area for your group that is set aside for some privacy. Located near the Mine Shaft, there are three areas which you can rent for the day for $50.00 

You can spend the whole day!

Laser Tag in the Maze


There is a part of the maze that was designed just for laser tag. This year, find yourself in the symbol of the Red Cross. One game is included in your entrance. Additional games can be purchased for $3.00 per ten minute game.

 Laser Tag is open 11:00-12:00 and 2:00-6:00 on Saturdays and 2:00-6:00 on Sundays. 

Hay Rack Ride


Get a tour of the camp and hear about the history of Camp Fontanelle and the surrounding area. Did you know that the community of Fontanelle had the first church and the first college in the Nebraska territory? Learn more about the area history on our Hayrack ride

Gatherings of groups, businesses and families


Bring out your Girl Scout troop; or have a service unit event. How about a Cub Scout Pack event? Plan a company fall event or have a family reunion; you provide the people, we provide the fun. Call Trent Meyer, site director and schedule you group/large family outing.

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